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Theresa knows how to deliver results.  She has a broad knowledge base that she is able to draw from & is very creative when coming up with programs that customers need.

 Linda Rodman, Manager

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We Work Hard and Smart to Give You An Advantage. 


We build on your good reputation to give you the tools that will get your website and internet marketing the best it can be.  Our structured approach will allow you to keep up with your quickly growing business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Done Right.  

Rick David and Company has partnered with us to help your customers find you.  His satisfied clients and 11 years of experience will make a difference.  

Works Hard and Within Budget

Theresa has been honest, dependable and hardworking.  

Georgia Steinkraus, Restaurateur

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We are dedicated to give you the tools to aspire higher.


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A Vendor You Can Count On

Theresa took the time to listen to what I wanted and curtailed my coaching program to my exact specifications....

Thanks for making my needs a priority in your business.  I would highly recommend to all.

 Pure motivation.

Rhonda David LMFT

We listen and help you to get results.  We want your business and, more importantly, your repeat business.

From President, Silver League Softball

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional work you put into setting up and fully developing our Silver League Softball website. This was a new site for our league of senior players, and brought some specifics that are not normally found in comparable endeavors...... 

Working with you has been a pleasure, and the innovative solutions which you developed and employed made the development of our system, in the short period of time allocated, totally painless. I know that we asked a lot of you, and you never failed to deliver – in spades. 

We started Structured Strategy Consultants, LLC. to meet a need for common sense solutions. Our principal, Theresa Johnson, has been a certified computer programmer since 1990. She has put a team together to help navigate the challenges that non profit and for profit companies have encountered.

Business has not changed.  Success comes from a good product and excellent customer service. Only the tools have changed.  We are successful because we use "old school" tools and "new school" technology to quickly and inexpensively find the right answer for you.   We are fully committed to meet and exceed your expectations. 

A Note from Rev. Fred A. Schmidt Jr., Recording Secretary for the Lighthouse of Hope Board of Trustees:

I have worked with Theresa Johnson for over a decade on the Board of Trustees of the Lighthouse of Hope Ministry in Akron, and she has chaired our Board for most of that time. Theresa never ceases to amaze me! She is able to focus clearly on the needs we have, sense what we should do about them, and the guide us in doing the solving of those issues. She knows where to find resources for our Lighthouse Ministry that have been immensely helpful, and her "people skills" as she works with a wide variety of people are exceptional. We not only get the work done, but we feel good about doing it. Whenever I need guidance or assistance, I know I do not hesitate to call on Theresa, for I trust her in all she undertakes.