Strengthen Your Internet Marketing

You work hard and know that your best lead is Word of Mouth.  But, in today's world that is not enough.  We understand that.  We can help you move to the next level.  Here at Structured Strategy Consultants we have built a team of experts to help you accomplish your future goals every step of the way. Don't worry, we've got you.

Aren't Web Hosts All the Same?

We can show you how to pick one for credibility and price.  

Why can't I just do the work myself?

​If you want to, we can show you how. We can walk you through the process, benchmark your results and keep you on track.  Contact Us Today.  

The Answers:

What do I Need to Know About Domain Names?

​They are not created equal.  We can walk you through the process. 

Do you Hate spending time working on your marketing instead of just running your business?  


Let's be realistic here. To build and continually grow your business, you need to:

1. Perfect your craft or product,

2. Advertise on and offline, and

3. Give excellent service.  

We have found that 

  • Most companies believe a nice website will get them noticed.
  • Most companies know the internet can help them, but see “swindlers” around every corner.
  • Most companies do Not identify the internet as a competitor
  • Time is short
  • Money is shorter

We can help. Imagine, a company that:

  • Works Person to Person with our Clients to identify Goals, Needs and Solutions.
  • Helps Clients navigate the web to improve their business
  • Improves Search Engine (Google) Optimization (SEO)
  • Improves your Online Reputation
  • Builds and Improves your Website(s)
  • Provides Business to Business (B2B) SEO services

Contact us today for a Free Consultation. 

common sense internet marketing

Why is SEO so complicated?

​Search Engines are closed systems. We can walk you through each step. 

Why Do I Really need a Website?

To showcase your work and be available 24 /7.  Your customers will thank you.

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